Seeing a bit of the superhero life come to life in MY life

I have been eyeballing the class ‘Start a Foolish Project’ since I first saw it announced, and since I regularly read Andrea Sher’s webposts on Superhero Life , that was pretty much as soon as she posted about it.

There is so much fun, joy, in doing things that are out of the ordinary and that feed people in some way. As a community builder and world changer, I want to spend time with other people who also seek ways to bring the wild out and challenge other people to do something a bit foolish. It’s one of the reasons my Endure 4 Kindness projects are always over the top and push the envelope. (and if you haven’t donated to this current project, I’d appreciate it if you did so.) My soul is fed when I spend time with people who understand how satisfying it is to bring a bit of the foolish into other people’s lives. Make them open up, help them laugh, encourage them to reach a bit further. I could see how this class would have furthered my skills towards doing even more fun projects, and brought depth to the very necessary but ordinary projects I’ve already got lined up. Community Gardens, for example.

Frankly, I didn’t have the money.

And then! And then! It came in. I had even looked at my bank balance this afternoon, thinking about everything I want to do before the next paycheck and thinking about my small, personal nest egg and not wanting to dip into that. Something came through today, though, and I had the actual cash handed to me this evening.

Cash that is free, no strings and no pre-established places it needed to be spent. I didn’t wait to sign up…in fact, I probably should stop celebrating and get the left-overs put away before Van does it. (grin)

I think this is going to be fun.



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