BLASTing Off With Lorena Knapp

Tonight was my first hangout with Lorena Knapp of BigStateBigLife. Lorena’s words have been very inspirational for me, I have shared some of her past posts here with you. And I am pleased to be a member of BLAST 2.0, an accountability group she is leading.

Tonight was about goal setting, and limited goal setting. Thirty day stuff…I had to triage. Things due to be over on this Saturday are not useful, things that are not as jellied in my head were skipped over. I selected getting customers for Homegrown Technologies and working towards certain goals for the MISFITs book tour and the community gardens.

Now, I kinda cheated. Getting customers have smaller steps, and connected steps. I know that and put it on the list anyway. The steps for the community garden are easy-peasy, though, and really could be done in two weeks. I’ve just been sitting on those steps for too long.

I am determined to not let myself down while working in this accountability group with Lorena. Not sure if I will post much about it, but maybe! I get kinda sharey, you know?

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