I walked in the door and there was Ricky and Brenda

Color me tired. I was up early today to help with the VFW pancake breakfast, which was very very fun to take part in and I felt I pulled my weight washing dishes, serving and talking non-stop for seven hours. I met a lot of people, and enjoyed working with Don and Betsy. Don is 92 years old and probably the reason the place is still having a pancake breakfast twice a month; Betsy says there is not a lot of help from the members as people are so busy. So I’ll help out every other month and as needed, mostly because I really respect what they are doing.

Anyway, I started at 7 and got done about 1 pm, then Rachel and Dani and I went out to Squash Blossom Farm because she wanted to see it. I keep talking about it, you see.

We were walking up the driveway and I can hear people talking and laughing in the granary; Dani wanted to know what was going on in there, it was noisy. And guess what? Ricky and Brenda were in there, chatting with Susan. Turns out they have a history with that farm; they knew previous owners and in fact had helped with a medieval feast out there. And they were both obviously having a blast checking out what was going on now at the farm, all the changes that were being made. Blew me out of the water a bit.

So after walking around with Rachel and Dani so that they can see the bees and the turkeys and the fish pond, I ran home for snacks and water and came back in time for the first set of the Nodding Wild Onions, one of Roger’s bands. Good music! I understand why they were playing at the Olmsted County Fair Ground this week.

Unfortunately, both the tiredness and the pressure to get stuff done hit me and I only stayed for the first set. Maybe next time I’ll be able to stay later.

Van will be home about eight. He was in St. Cloud, shooting. I better get the dishes done up, eh?


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