Great time at Amanda and John’s baby shower!

I was so happy to be invited to help out the new parents with all the fun baby stuff they are going to need in a short time. Amanda said that Baby McCrossen wasn’t kicking too badly; not so hard that John has been able to see it happen, anyway. Then of course the moms all started chiming in with our own stories. Mine, as did others, was the feet in the ribs, pushing up. Ack. LOL. It was a fun party – Gwen, Gayle and Rachel did very well.

Before that, though, I did some housework, then went and left my car at the Farmers Market and walked over to breakfast with a friend, Dawn, and dragged her back to the market to see Fresh With Edge’s display, marvel at how many local farmers were there, and watch me by food for my dinner, including GF lefsa. I also introduced her to Sue and Roger with Squash Blossom Farm, and I bought her pasta from Wink’s Herb’n Garden.

Then I stopped at Ginny’s Fine Fabrics to buy that Liberty Cotton piece that I’ve wanted for forever. Patty helped me find an indi-pattern maker’s pattern for a bias cut dress which I think will be really sweet done up in this multicolored floral. And I got some good tips for things I can do for Locawear.

The party was great! Lots of my favorite people and a chance to catch up with them. Plus there was burning of things. Gleeful burning..hehe.

So I’m having a cup of coffee and wondering about the rest of the day. I’ve been busy! But the food I bought today will make a lovely stir fry, or maybe I’ll do that tomorrow. I’ve also got a proposal to write up for a client, and there is weaving I could do. Hum. Well, more later.  The butter should be warmed up enough to spread on the lefsa, and I’d like to try it!


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