Over-roasted, yummy corn…mmmm

I was up early to do systems checks, work on a website, and roast corn for a salad. Cause it’s how I do – multitasking is my friend. Corn is mostly off my diet because of GI issues and the yummy stuff, but I like this salad and it has tomatoes and peppers and arugula and anything else I want to throw in.

Roasting corn is one of my favorite ways to eat this stuff, btw. Little olive oil and salt, stripped of its husks and just barely soaked in water, medium-high heat. I always miss flipping at least one ear in time, maybe on purpose, since I love that over-toasted bits. After I cut the unbrown kernels off the cobs, I feasted on the dry sweetness. oh my.

System checks are long done, as are the preoverdues, and I’ve done some housework and restored a website and made this salad. I want a quick shower before On Call starts up at noon; have to chase the cats in and close the doors, I suppose.

Happy Day!


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