Throw open the windows!

It’s almost worth getting up at 5:30 just to let the inside of the house cool down while I enjoy the sounds and smells and outdooriness coming inside. Fortunately the flies have been few and far between here this year.

Did not do that today, but slept in a bit, all the way until 6:15. Right now I’m running pre-overdues for SELCO. Caught up on social media, have done systems checks and have been a bit lazy with the book and coffee on the front porch.

Chores today include cleaning and laundry. Returning sandals that didn’t quite fit right. Fighting with moving a blog to a new location and shutting down an account. Working on a blog post that involves me sewing things and writing about it. There is also a ‘box’ sale at a greenhouse I pass when I go to HyVee’s North, and I want to know what that is about – phone first, and then maybe a chance to get some bargains. Um…probably some more stuff.

But right now, I’m still babysitting the notices process, there is more coffee. And the windows are open. I bet I can get this book finished….

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