Over-Sharing Here

Corn is definitely on the list of things i should not eat, but only some milk products, including the whey they put into sports and protein drinks. And anything else that bothers me, like Culver’s custard ice cream – that’s kinda hard there. I love that stuff.

Yes, people, I thought you’d all want to know that, right?

I’m not the first person who has to watch the foods I eat, but I’m sharing it cause it keeps people who see this in the know, gives them something to be sympathetic if not down right empathetic with me. Crazy how many people are finding they have problems with gluten, you know?

A couple of days ago I was talking about this sort of over-sharing post with someone, who had the very good point that most of this is just too much sharing. Why do people share so much on the interwebs? True, but I came back with the also good point that then when I do see someone again, I’m more likely to be caught up on their life and I can start at the place of ‘congratulations again!’ or asking a caring question about an illness or trouble.  You get out of this online experience what you put into it, mostly, and since I don’t watch or participate in sports or marathon news/TV watching, it’s a fair trade of my time.

Of course there is the sadness of having their blog in my feed just to stay up on things, but I’ve not looked at their updates for months since I’ve done a poor job of organizing my feed reader.  Or not seeing posts on FaceBook and then being awkwardly out of the loop, or being blocked by privacy settings where someone is using a group they haven’t added you to and so I have no idea there was an engagement/baby/trip around the world. But meh. Sometimes it’s deliberate and sometimes a mistake. No biggie, although I do feel odd and invisible at times. But then don’t we all, haven’t we always? There is really nothing new here.

Then there is all the stuff that I’ll never put out there, pain and struggles and frustrations that do not add one bit to the happy-pretty unicorn laughs of the internet neighborhood. My friends I spend time with? Some of them know the whole me – most don’t. But just about everyone knows about the gluten intolerance!




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