Working for Change

If I just stay on course, I know I will change the world. I am at that funny half-way place with a couple of ongoing projects that will change my bit of the world to the good, if I’m patient and attentive and ready to leap into action on demand. Sort of like a lab puppy, huh?

The land for the community gardens should be clearing starting sometime in July. Oronoco Gold Rush is about six weeks away, can’t do much about that one. I’ve not heard back from the VFW about the fundraising for their new roof. The fiber art festival I’m helping with is even further away.

But I want to do something now, and fun, and stir things up a bit that also fits into my life. Thinking about a yarn bombing, or maybe organizing people to take part in a walking fundraiser or a group attendance to a movie or festival…mostly, I want to make a positive change in some way in the world. Circumstances have brought me the opportunity to learn from and talk with and share with some incredibly talented people these last few months, and I want to put some of what I have learned into action. 

Maybe it will all come clear tomorrow, or five minutes from now.

One of the tasks I’m monitoring at work right now is a total reindex of our Horizon bib databases. Basically, it sorts through each bib sort of reshuffling the bits around so it’s easier to find things. And it works like magic! I get a call that things are not searching correctly from one of the other locations that directly searches in our database, I complete the reindex and poof! Things work! (AquaBrowser, the discovery layer we are using as an online catalog, doesn’t rely on our indexes.)

It would be awesome to have a reindex process for my life! I suppose I do, it’s the reflective process that I’m going through right now, but I’d rather just have a button, please. I guess, instead, I’ll go look for a walking event to take part in!

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