Finally! BBC America in My Living Room

One of my major sadnesses about moving to Oronoco was not having BBC America here, so I was thrilled when Van told me it had been added to the line-up, along with some others I’ve not even looked at yet. If there was any fan-fair about the new channels, I missed it. Our new cable company, Bevcomm, has been making some positive changes and this is one is fantastic, totally meets my approval.

So maybe I can’t see Doctor Who or Call the Midwife’s new episodes at the moment…wait. Was there a FB rumor that there is to be no more Doctor Who? I know that Matt Smith is leaving, right? I’m not up on popular events, I’m afraid. But there is an excellent lineup out there on BBC America. Including Top Gear. Van and I watched it tonight – I was actually working a puzzle and sort of listening but he was really enjoying it. So all good.

I’ve not been posting very often here – sorry. Any moment now I’m going to pull my act together and it will all fall into place. Meanwhile I’m sort of in a state of flux; I even cleaned everything off the Toodledo account and took my task list back to paper. And that inspired me to clean my house, which really needed it after the turmoil of the last month’s eventing. It’s nice to have a list written out on good paper with a strongly leaded pencil, and then cross things off. I’ve also changed my strategy for organizing posts, working on actually crafting the darn things rather than just letting the stories flow off my finger tips. Oh wait! I started this paragraph with an apology about not posting very often, didn’t I? Maybe that strategy is a bit flawed, huh?

I still have housework AND some posting strategies to work through.

Nevertheless, I am very happy about this new channel, so much that I’m thinking of rearranging my office to get a cable ran in here, or find out if there is a wireless option even, lol. The cable connection in here is in the dining room but the television is now on the other side of the wall, more convenient for me to be in here working and watching on my wireless Roku and so I didn’t miss the cable connectivity. Maybe now I will keep the cable box but then we will cancel the phone – we don’t have a house phone, but we do have the account because it was bundled cheaper with the last company. Bevcomm has new bundling, another new thing that I’m in favor of! I have to think about dragging a cable along the wall, I suppose.

But for now, to bed. Night!


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