Helping Spiders Roam Free

Rapier practice was fun to watch and visit, but I came home early to deal with the plants and manure that ended up in my car. I was gonna buy chicken at KFC after work but this spider came up around my dash. At 60 mph I couldn’t do anything but slap the glass and get her to go back into hiding for a bit. And I knew there wasn’t good hunting down at the KFC, all that concrete…so I went the other way on 2nd street and hit the green house instead. Sergeants on Second is a much happier place for a spider, don’t you think?

Then it was difficult to convince her to leave. People must have thought I was nuts.

So…I went looking at plants as I wanted some plants for a new set of cat planters I’d been given, and plants were on sale and I wanted some compost. I was going to do the shopping this weekend but as it was, I got a headstart on the planting and spreading.

What wildlife has shown up in your life today?

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