Spinning My Life Together

Yellow and orange blendings on my spinning wheel

Taking a break in learning about how to develop a business plan while spinning up wool dyed at Lilies War to send a ‘Howdy!’ out to the world. And update you regarding some of my projects.

The City Council gave the green light to the creation of a FaceBook page for announcements and events. I get to help with that and have promised to handle the training of staff and council who want to take part.

I understand that the mayor or designated person will be talking to DNR about sculpting the land for the community gardens, not taking out the water hookups, and overseeing the cleanup work that is supposed to start in July. Woot!

The two dyeing events I had went so well that they spawned two more! I want to hold a Dye Day here, and play with cochineal while other people play with other stuff. And the medieval days for the Assisi Chapter Girl Scouts was well received and I’m in negotiations now to help organize a recruitment day in the fall. Maybe…that’s more iffy.

The indigo pot will be brought back up later this weekend, as I want to redye a couple of pieces of garb, one a commission that has some strange white dots on it. I’d like to see if I can’t at least get those to blend in…and then no more blue hands for a bit!


Well, back to spinning wool, listening to this lecture, and thinking about how to best spin the next steps of my new adventure!

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