Proud to be in the VFW Auxiliary

Oronoco VFW Building


It started at an Oronoco Gold Rush meeting…no, it started earlier than that. Last August, Van walked over and had breakfast at the VFW and said that the people there were very nice. He enjoyed the company. So now here on May 20th, I hear in this meeting that the members of  Post 9647 were planning to get a new roof on their building this year and that they would appreciate a donation from the Oronoco Gold Rush committee. I don’t know if they got it or not or will get one, I just filed it back in my mind as interesting.

Then days later, I’m heading to Rochester on a Sunday morning and pass this sign:

Best Breakfast in Town!


So I swing in and ask to talk to Don Baker, Commander, if he was available. He was, and willing to listen to me. Organizing fundraisers and other community projects is part of HomeGrown Technologies so it follows for me to ask, right?

When I stepped into the room, my first impression was of warmth and coffee and butter-browning batter on a griddle. And people sitting at two tables catching up with each other over the remains of their meals. I felt badly when half of them started making signs that they were leaving, until someone said they’d been sitting there most of an hour and it was OK, they were needing to get on with things anyway.

It’s an older building, with two long eating areas of 3-4 banquet tables each, and a short-order cook kind of a kitchen. The Commander was working in the kitchen, and I had to wait until the pancakes were flipped and served.

Don Baker and I arranged that I would come in during the next meeting and talk to everyone about me running a pledge drive for them. I was honest about why I wanted to do this – two reasons. One was to be useful and help get the money for a new roof. And I wanted the endorsement for my website! A nice statement saying I’d provided a good service would be very valuable for me.

I came with a brief proposal in hand, skipping out of the last of the Park and Trails Committee meeting to give my own presentation, sitting politely in the back until I’m called upon. About fourteen women in the Auxiliary, and about 10 men in the VFW side of things. It was a good presentation! I had my community face on, I was focused, people had good questions and I had good answers, I hope. I asked if anyone had any final questions as I was closing my presentation down.

“Yes! Are you or your husband a veteran?”

“My husband is!” I proudly respond.

“Would you like to join the Auxiliary?”

I did ask questions. And I did explain I had other responsibilities, including the Park and Trails committee that meets on the same night. So even if I joined, I’d not make all the meetings, or at least not all of them. I’d be as available as possible for helping with projects, though, cause that’s how I roll and it sounds like fun.

The $20 for the first year was in hand while I filled out the paperwork…and they gave me a life-time membership.

Yes, a bit of a whirlwind there, but truthfully I do not mind. I am the wife of a veteran, after all, and I like people so that part isn’t scary. I’ve been asking the Universe for more opportunities to connect within my community, too, and not inclined to turn away when what I ask for is provided.

I’ve not yet heard back if they can use my services as a fundraiser. And I just finished adding five new events into my calendar, three of them pot-luck gatherings where I can get to know other members.




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