Confusion, Leading to Moments of Clarity

I feel like I’ve fallen off the face of the earth in terms of keeping this blog updated. And oh yeah, I HAVE! Which is not fair to any loyal reader and which is why I’m confessing and even waving my hands around to prove I feel terrible about it. Or that I’m excited. Not really sure at the moment.

You might have seen where I mentioned I was developing a new business to fill up my off-hours? Huge list of steps and tasks involved in getting this off the ground. I did a lot of brainwork during this last weekend in the company of Deb Brown. She was attending the Misfits Conference in Fargo and invited me to go along with her. We drove to Fargo and back and spent two days there. In between all the cool presentations and meals and touring she did with her fellow attendees, Deb filled my brain and notebook up with ideas and suggestions to make my journey more successful. This has added to my confusion even as it has led to some of that clarity that has been so hard to hold. And as I find time to review my notes, I am becoming more certain about my direction.

For example, I’ve been confused about when to write what, where. HomeGrown Technologies has its own website and I was determined to get something up so I could pass out cards last weekend. I have a responsibility to that website as well, especially as it will be a launching platform for my getting to work with other people and continue making the world a better place. So I seriously do not want to be talking about tuna sandwiches over there! But…maybe the dyeing. And certainly the fundraising and the events and websites I am creating. But do I want to share the minutia of my work/play?

After a great deal of thought, I think for the most part I’m going to be telling my overly-sharing, enthusiastic stories here where I’ve been writing for so long. And when a project is completed or when there is a call to action, I’ll write up the story on HomeGrown Technologies’ website and link back to here when appropriate.

There. I’ve said it. That in itself is a powerful stake in the ground for me. I was really having trouble creating content with that conflict confusing me. And I can’t have that; the stories keep coming and I need to get caught up. Eventually…but tomorrow I’m leaving Van again to head off on another adventure! This time to Smithville, Missouri, to do some dyeing with friends from Calontir.  Lilies War is one of my favorite events ever and I’m sure I will come home with stories.

So I got to get back to packing for that event. See you later!


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