Pictures from Last Thursday, part one

It’s Saturday already! Wow, time is flying by! I’m meeting someone in about twenty minutes so let’s see if I can get this posted.

I drove up on Thursday from Albert Lea, MN with Deb Brown, hanging out at the motel here while she attends this Misfits Convention. Great group of people here for it. I went out to pizza with them, then cheerfully parted ways as they went into their first gathering. But that was at the end of the day…


How meta is this? Me taking a picture of Deb taking a picture of the viking at the Trail’s store where we met up.


At Owatonna, we took off towards New Ulm. On the way , we found Farmamerica, the Minnesota Agricultural Interpretive Center in Waseca area. The Center was taking a break in between the last tour of school classes – they would have around 2000 a week – and the start of the summer hours. But we were able to look around. We could see two farms set up for tours, an 1850’s farm site and one from 1930, and then then there are numerous stand-alone exhibits.


It was fun driving around New Ulm. I got us a bit lost and then we went around the main drag a couple of times selecting a place to have lunch. Luckily, landed at Ulmers, a classic diner with an interesting selection of German dishes along side burgers and eggs-over-easy breakfasts. Even though it was lunch time, we got breakfasts cause they had gluten-free bread! I just don’t find that very often and it was delicious and I ate every bite. Nummy.


Across the street was this really neatly painted building – not only did they highlight existing features in the brickwork but created the impression of others by using paint to make areas pop out. I thought it looked very nice so here’s a picture of that, too.


And I don’t have time to do justice to the distillery before I have to meet Julie from WordCamp. She lives here in Fargo, ND, and we are going to talk a lot and do an Alley Art Walk. More on that soon!



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