What are YOU gonna do?

I was at a Oronoco Gold Rush meeting last night, not as a committee member but just as a community member who is interested in figuring out how I can be useful. I sometimes speak up there; it’s not like Council, where I can’t except for select opportunities during public forum. I do feel that just by showing up, I’m representing all the people who don’t – I am the only non-voting person who regularly does show up. People who are interested in the outcomes of something should show up to the times when there is an opportunity to at least hear about the setup of something, even if they don’t want to say anything out loud. You are making a statement when you are just being a body in a chair in a room.

Last night’s dreams included a continuation of that meeting. I think most of the conversations were replayed, but what has stuck with me is a list of people who are doing tasks, and the committee members were doing a roll call and check-in with those people. Then the mayor looked at the list and looked at me and said “And what are you going to be doing, Jonya?” I replied “what do you need people to do? What needs to be done that is not already covered? Who needs help?” Which was not me volunteering to do anything, I know, but frankly I don’t know what needs to be done. And I neglected to ask, last night, what I can do to help. I need to correct that.

I’m going to finish breakfast, here, and get on to work and do the tasks I’m paid to do. Mostly I needed to get this out of my head and onto paper. It’s going to be scheduled to go out later today; people who follow me on social media tend to miss things I write if I post them early. But anyway, I need to figure out who to ask those questions – and I need to commit and then schedule properly. Things are busy. People are busy! I don’t want August to get here, though, and realize I’ve not promised to help out at Oronoco’s Gold Rush as I want to help.

Laters! I’m late!

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