Lamb to Loom report


I drove across part of Minnesota and all of Wisconsin on Friday. Took the wrong way! Garmin takes me north at some point and I went up by Fond du Lac and many, many small towns. It’s pretty but not fuel efficient.

Kim and Tig were very welcoming- MY event started that evening as we had a slumber party between me and the other people spending the night. The morning came, fresh eggs, coffee and plenty of time to unload all my stuff and park and then I just enjoyed talking to people until probably about 10 am. Fire! I have forgotten the name of the fellow who was my fire builder and water-fetcher, but he was awesome.

I had weld/dandelions in one pot, indigo in another, and a madder root in a third. The madder root had been soaking for three days,after I’d tried to rinse the brown and yellow pigment out of it. That was a cold pot. As the day went on, the color did darken and was eventually a brick color. The indigo, which was one using reduced indigo and thus idiot-proof, even so did get to the magic of the yellow-green that turns blue in the air. The weld pot was disappointing and never did give us a yellow… Boo. But we got lots of really nice blue.


There was sheep shearing, and tons of classes including a felting of pouches, weaving on circle looms, knitting and spinning. And as you see at the top of this article, people worked on their projects in good company. I like that about this event. People have fun and support each other here.

I decided to drive home and have Sunday to work in the garden here at home. So I missed the huge bonfire and the shared meal. Still, good times! I am looking forward to next year!

Oh, and my hands on Sunday morning still sporting some blue.


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