Prepping for Saturday’s Dyeing Class

Here’s to dyeing! I spent the evening working on my class for Saturday’s event, Lamb to Loom. I took curtains down to pop their linen-y selves into a tannin mordant, along with my dye dress. I weighed things and figured out how much of the madder root I needed for my dye dress and a wool length of cloth. That amount was weighed out, rinsed, and set to soak in distilled water. I measured out the indigo I need for the dress and the linen curtains. It’s kinda cool if cheating but with the pre-processed indigo I don’t need to set the pot up ahead of time.

There are still eight gallons of distilled water in my car, and some of the table, and my chair. The pots and the trunk packed with equipment will go into the car tomorrow, as will my alumed fabrics. I have to tannin the linen  as well as soak it in alum but the wool only needs the alum mordanting. Of course I had to watch Supernatural’s season end. Very nice.

I also worked on the website for the new business, did some emailing with community people about some projects, and played around with a new-to-me mind mapping software. I’ve an idea of how to divide up all my blogging between my three blogs without having overlap and muddying things. 

I have to pack tomorrow so maybe I should go throw clothes into the washer, huh?

And then to bed.


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