WordCamp reflections

Hi! It’s been awhile; I’ve been concentrating on homework and I’m pleased to say that’s gone well. And now I’m about to get outside, finally, to start working on my garden. I would love to have beans in the ground pretty soon! And cucumbers and I’d like to try my own kale, something I’ve not ever grown. Then Van and I walked around the place on Friday, deciding that yes, we are going to yank out these bushes and yes the fence is coming all the way down and sure, cut down that tree but be careful.

Poplar trees have a short life span.

Anyway, I went yesterday to the local WordCamp. WordPress is the platform this blog is built upon and when someone mentioned this to me, I was happy to give this weekend over to it. The WordPress Community does have lots more to go to, if you are interested.

It is a workshop for the designers and coders and the people who build the various websites. Not that I was unwelcome, as an end user. And not that I don’t dabble in the designing and coding side of things, but mostly I’ve worked within the child themes. So I learned so much, it was amazing and wonderful.

I’m going back today to the BuddyCamp, the community platform that can be strapped to a WordPress site to give me forums, private messaging between members, things like that. This will be pretty exciting – I’ve just started trying to work with one on the Oronoco Gardens site and spent hours trying to figure out how to add a captcha. Finally gave up on that one and the next one I tried was perfect. heh.

Other takeaways from this weekend is the need to get involved in the local WordPress community…if there is one. May have to create that, too! We don’t have a local meetup in SE Minnesota; may attend the one in the Cities a few times first.

Well, I’ve got to get moving! I may be live-blogging today, capturing my notes there so as to share the experience. Laters!


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