Takeaways from WordCamp Minneapolis 2013

This was my first WordCamp . The energy grabbed me and cranked open my head so I stuffed it, and my notebook, as full as I can. On the drive home I had a chance to reflect on takeaways from this weekend, trying to capture them here.

One. I don’t know as much as I want to know and I know as much as I needed to know to get my two sites up. Lots of stuff to do ASAP and then  more to be done as I can. I was going to prioritize my list before I wrote up this blog post, which is one of the benefits of paper notes (plus I don’t type as fast as I can make a cryptic note on paper). That did not get done; went for a walk first, and did some tree-trimming. Yeah, Nature!

Two. There are some incredibly generous people out there. The cost of this event was only $20 a day to me, and so the costs were mostly underwritten by the sponsors. I know that many of the Cities attendees and people in the business knew who most of the businesses were, because I asked. Myself, I’m going to take time to look them all up later. I am extremely grateful.

The venue sites were good and the volunteers were awesome.  Loved the volunteer-energy, very comforting for this new person to this event.

Three. It doesn’t matter if your website is not perfect. It does not matter if you don’t know all the latest stuff in design, or that you are using weird colors together. As long as your choices work for you, it’s OK. People may not praise you but nor are they going to wrestle you to the ground and sit on you until you change your website to meet some industry standard. (what standards? I think it’s evolving. Or maybe I’ve just not found them yet…) They don’t have time or brain-space to worry about you and unless you ask for help, no one is going to bother you. At the same time, the more you interact with the wordpress.org forums and meetups and WordCamps and other pieces of the WP community, the more you will learn, the more people you meet and the more use you can be both to yourself and to the community. That’s key: this is a community that wants to bring out the best in itself. Rinse and repeat.

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