Would you have lunch with me?

This is just in the idea phase but I want to kinda throw it out on the Internet and see what my community has to say about it. I am thinking about having spontaneous brown-bag lunch meet ups out and about the area. I would send an announcement out via my communities, go pick up a dozen cupcakes, and leave work in time to get where ever we are having lunch. Conversation would be supported by whatever the theme is, like ‘dogs’ or ‘local weekend vacations I loved.’ And I will get to meet new people and just get away for a bit.

It should be easy enough to make up a sign so people can find me. And there maybe should be balloons. And a wire stand.

But mostly the cupcakes to share out. I think I’d call it something like “Spontaneous Lunch, with cupcakes!”

Things to consider…is it safe? Um…out in public areas. Anyone that came by and got verbally abusive can either calm down when asked or I will call 911. I am not promising anyone anything and if they don’t have fun, they can leave. Unfollow me.

What is it for? Just doing a random bit to make the world better.

How often? Once a month? Randomly? Not sure yet.

Why only a dozen cupcakes? Gotta start somewhere, right?

Anyway, I am wondering what people think. Thanks for your comments!

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