City Council meeting recap and Midwives

Well that was fun! Yes, I actually enjoy these meetings. This was a special one; faster than I thought, we are in discussion about implementing a FaceBook page for Oronoco. Or maybe just claiming the one that Wikipedia put up. I had to stand up there, notes in hand which I didn’t even need. I completely understand the council’s concerns, too. I’ll be meeting with some members of the council this next couple weeks to work on this.

I was working on my gardening class before I left for that. I’ve learned to use iMovie! It’s pretty easy. I’ll go back to that here in a bit, after this episode of “Call the Midwife” is over. Really sad one; there is a stolen baby as well as a mother who is following her child into death. And the relationships between the nursing sisters continues. I like the show but the theme seems to be ‘love hurts.’


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