Great opportunity for musicians to perform in August for local community

I just came from the Oronoco Gold Rush committee’s April meeting, and we were discussing who may be coming out to perform on the stage that will be set up right in the middle of the action, by the community center. Last year’s performers were very popular and we would like to extend the number of groups that come as well as perhaps extending the opportunity to days in addition to Saturday.

So here’s a chance for musicians and musical groups, or dance groups or any other performing group that may want the exposure, to perform at Downtown Oronoco’s Gold Rush Days. This is on the weekend of August 16-18 and will be afternoon hours or as negotiated with the committee, as will be any compensation amount.

I’m not actually a voting member of the committee, but one of the interested townspeople who would like to see this antique show remain a strong festival for our community. It’s a lot of fun! Plus I understand we have some new things being developed to bring new interesting aspects to the weekend.

Want to come build audience, maybe sell some CDs? We have 20,000 people per day coming through, and offer you a chance to claim our stage for a couple of hours, make new friends, maybe find some treasures, and certainly be listed in our websites. Call 507-367-2111 to discuss details with the committee or message me for casual details.

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