It’s my own fault. I accept that.

I am dizzy and I think I was dehydrated. You’d think I’d remember what is best for my body and its various autoimmune issues… Zantac is not good for me, being an H2 blocker. I went in on Monday to have the burning in my stomach checked out and my regular doctor is unavailable for an undetermined time. That’s pretty normal for me. I get a doctor I like and have worked with for a year or more, and then they move or get really busy or whatever…well, anyway, the new doctor is treating a possible ulcer or similar situation and I can’t expect anyone, on the initial visit without any real chance to review my files and do research, to realize or know that H2 blockers only make things worse. That’s my job, to remember the minutiae of my life.

I was going to go back in today but called instead, as I really just wanted to get home. While the Zantac had settled the burning, like magic, I had to get off of it. So bland food, lower amounts of protein, and when my GI track settles down we will try something else.

I am running a slight fever, too. Hum. Yuck.

And you know, it’s my fault for not remembering. I took that pill this morning and suddenly it all snapped into place, then when I googled my illness and this drug, it popped right up. Oh Yeah! Duh.

Back to sewing. Laters!

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