I have fallen in love with NewsBlur



A short while ago, the news came out that ‘Google Reader is going away so start getting ready to move your feeds…’  and I was sad at that news but started the hunt. Looked at a couple that were not a good fit for me, even tried one. NewsBlur was not one of them. The name sounds too newsy, like it’s for news feeds and business-related uses, and my small collection of my favorite websites, mostly personal blogs, just doesn’t fit.


Well, I was wrong. NewsBlur was an easy move over, plus there were some extra bells and whistles I was not expecting. Like going through my twitter accounts and adding anyone there that it could. There are two activity streams on the home desktop – things I have liked or forwarded or commented on, and one for the app itself. This is important, btw, to know what is going on.

All my feeds are lined up on the left, with icons telling me how many unread posts are waiting. I’ve not started pulling them into folders 

and may not for a bit. Mostly because I can train this app to know me, to respond to past choices and to pull up what I want as we move forward here. This is kinda exciting! I can highlight words in the title, or can find certain categories from this post and ask for those tags to be brought to my attention more often. This article from 2010 by Matthew Guay is informative, although he totally ignores the humor.

I found the gentle humor built into the set up process welcoming and enjoyable, and I keep hoping to find easter eggs of more interaction between the programmers and the public users. And I may yet! I keep coming back to it to both check up on my feeds and just to poke around, kicking the tires. Oh, and I did have to go to a premium account. Google’s announcement sent a surge of people looking for alternatives so by the time I got to this website, they had no more space for the free, 64-feed accounts. Which is fine…I already have more than that and will probably have more soon.

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