Spinning with a chop stick – that’s cool

I went to fiber guild meeting today and one of the speakers was Gloria Smit, farmer, who got into the fleece business when a close friend, a cheese maker, wondered what to do with the 70 fleece in her barn. Gloria eventually took over part of the flock and has gone on to increase her portion enough to split it with a son, eat some of the young lambs, make tons of things with the fleece she’s cleaned and processed, and also taught herself how to spin. She didn’t like spinning with a drop spindle so in the early days before she got her wheel, she spun with a chopstick.

She brought some, thinking we wanted to give it a try, maybe? Right on. We happily learned something new while admiring the  many items she had made, mostly with hand-spun-on-a-stick yarn.

Easy enough to teach a child to do it. So I will at the next demo, and probably beyond.

Another speaker invited us to help the Southeast Minnesota fiber farmers in their October event. They are asking people to come out and do fibery crafts, like spinning or weaving, so people on the tour can see what we do. I’m passing the opportunity on via FB, but just be aware that the website has not been updated yet with the new dates.

I got complimented on the trim I was weaving. Now here is the thing. I haven’t been weaving all that much. But once I got in to the room last month, I felt like weaving and I have done more this month than in about six months previously. And I have to sit on my hand to be sure I don’t volunteer for things; I really need to respect the community and get to know it a bit, first.

Not sure if I can.

Well, about time for a bit of Supernatural. There is just enough time to grab some fiber and my chopstick, lol. I have done some webpage updates tonight, got FB caught up, at dinner and read a bit. Kind of a lazy mid-week hump I’m in; I’ll try to have an early bed and get back on track tomorrow.

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