Big Freaky Learning Curve going on over here!

I have already had three bots find the new website. Well, at least two and I’m waiting to see about this third one. I just added the buddypress to this last night! What do they do, stalk the interwebs looking for access to communities?

I guess they do. I’m going to go plug that gap when I’m done typing.

So tired of thinking, though. I redid three of the project worksheets for class, since I have changed my project half-way through. Made crazy promises in those project worksheets to do even more awesome things in the very near future. Crossed off several tasks from the school list tonight. I’m ready to stop thinking for awhile, please.

The coats were worked on for a bit while I caught up on Bones from last night. For some reason, there was no sound yesterday! And just that channel, not any other.

Nicole and Kerry are working on the video for our SAARA nomination. We hope to win the big money from Random Acts this year and share it in our community, so I can’t share the link with you yet. If you know about our Giving Bunnies go AMOK project, though, you have seen the initial video. Thanks, Nicole and Kerry!

It is too late for a drink, but I may have a small one over a bit of reading before bed. Better for me than a bowl of ice cream, I suppose. I don’t have any ice cream. That choice is taken away from me, it’s mostly ‘have the whiskey or not’ that I’m deciding between.

Whiskey and book it is! Night!



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