That darn, ginormous list…

I keep adding to it. The original stuff is mostly done, that what I can do here. I keep thinking of new things to put onto it, though.

This weekend has been just great! The highlight so far was Emily and Isaiah coming over for dinner, which they brought. Then we went into the internets and looked at things and talked about things and suddenly the evening was gone. Then I had an excellent night’s sleep because of a new pillow-topper on the mattress; I even overslept.

One of the better projects I got to cross off was purging my closet. Two bags to take to charity, revisiting things that were in the back of my closet that I really love but can’t wear so I put them into storage, and now much more room for the clothes I can wear.

One that is yet to be crossed off is walking on the treadmill. I want to get back into those stored garments.

I have just taken a break for a bit of reading but I suppose I’d better get back to it. I think the dryer requires my assistance.

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