Good morning! Are you awake yet?

I had a rough night with the sleeping so went back to bed when the 6 am alarm went off. Woke up to chirps from the iPad heralding an exciting email, and no, I’m not telling you yet what it’s about. Something cool though.

So here I sit with my Sexy Green Goddess smoothie, which is mostly kale and anything else I want to drop into the blender. Today it was two withered apples, a withered plum, half a cucumber, handful of pineapple chunks and a banana. The avocado was not quite ripe so I left it out. It was yummy yesterday and today should be the same, right? And tomorrow? (makes note to buy more kale)

I have a busy morning – I have a grant report to finally finish up and get out. I’ve about got the basics of a new community website in place. Remember when I said I’d been asked to work on the Oronoco Community Gardens? Well, I got really excited and switched my project in my class. Today I want to install BuddyPress onto that website and start working on the documents that are part of the class homework. Set up a time to tour w others on the committee; I am not certain about where they want to have these, even. Start investigating grant opportunities for this project.

The house still needs to be worked on, too. From my ginormous list, I only got four things crossed off. But I’m sitting here in my clean kitchen/dining room now! Clean except for the smoothie mess, lol.

And I need to get my hair cut, buy some things (like kale), and find time to exercise! Off I go–laters!


2 thoughts on “Good morning! Are you awake yet?

    1. You are welcome! From what I have read, the important stuff is the superfoods and then from there whatever you want. Have you tried it with the natural chocolate powder? I’ve not, keep forgetting to buy it. And I know kale isn’t an official superfood, that’s spinach, and this smoothie is good with spinach but I like kale better. And I skipped the blueberries so I could use up the apples…so maybe this isn’t a Goddess smoothie so much, lol.


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