And then the stakes get raised…

Big time. I just learned that a friend of mine is also trying to win the referral contest that Random Acts  is running for Annual Melee of Kindness.  Makes me laugh. So I’m turning this not only a game between me and random people out there but also a game between herself and myself and YOU are going to help me win!

Yes, you!

If you would please, go to this form and pledge to do a random act of kindness on March 10th. You probably already are a kind person and do nice things spontaneously. It can be as simple as helping a stranger with a door, or complimenting someone on something. (that would be a really neat world-wide effort right there. Day of Complimentary Observations.) (DoCO would look neat on a T-shirt, too.) And if you register, and then go back in and report that you did take part in AMOK Day, well, it’s a win-win-win.

No losers, not even the other person out there (you know who you are…I will share my success with you, neener, neener.) We ALL win when the world is populated by brightness bringers!


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