Homework Break! I’m talking about bunnies again…

Work Group!I’m taking a break from homework to get this post finished up and out to you. I had a
great time this weekend finishing up the bunnies, and I have some pictures to share. But first, the news: WE MADE 108 BUNNIES to give away. Some of them have cute clothes and some have weird faces but they are all made with love for you!

I hope you find one.

Be looking on March 10th in Rochester MN, Madison WI, Springfield MO and this small event in Mississippi called Gulf Wars.

Yeah! Kale!There were the Random Acts antics, like the Presenting of the Kale. Discussion of Sock Monkey Hats in production and other charitable works people are doing. I had no idea that Lucky Charms came in huge boxes like they do! And GISHWHIS stories still find their way to this table.

Tagging happened. Melanie did a great job on the tags – I’ll show you soon. They tell the recipient that yes, this bunny is yours and you should take him home and all about The Giving Bunny Project on one side. The other side promotes Random Acts, driving force behind the Annual Melee of Kindness event.


Then there was Presenting of the Cake. People liked that more than the kale. Even my GF-self had a slice; very yummy.

When everyone left, I did finish off the kale. omg. I have developed a love for the stuff. Thank you, Miss Jean Louise.

I think the highlight of the day was dividing the bunnies into six bags – three for the dressed up ones and six for the naked but still cute ones. Each team got two bags to finish tagging and whatever, to plan to distribute on March 10th, AMOK Day.

We have ONE MORE GET TOGETHER. Guess why? We have to celebrate!  And maybe….plan our next adventure together.

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