Just another update post…nothing much to see

Today has been a pretty good day. Van and I worked together to get the snow shoved out of the way so I could get to work, and got that done before the plow came through. So it did so, I got in my car and backed out, but it in drive just to see that it had turned around and was kinda heading straight for me! Yikes! Big truck! I got around the corner and out of its way so the driver could finish the street, so a win-win there.

I got to talk to my favorite SirsiDynix technical support staff person today – they are all pretty cool but Mary S. and I get chinahutch1along so well, it’s a treat to work with her. Although really, I like all of them on the Horizon side. She found out where my magic trick was goofing up. Yeah, Mary!

With an upgrade on Horizon tomorrow, I came home early. Stopped first to get a pad for the table to protect it during use, and had to look through their clearance items.  Still can’t find a new bedspread I like.

While I was cooking dinner, I put the rest of Virginia’s dishes and some of my other pieces into the china cabinet and futzed with that for a bit. And then I got a dress cut out and I’ve read for a bit. I think I’ll get some hems into a couple of dresses yet tonight, and then to bed.

Yup, not much of a post, is it? Sometimes life is just pretty ordinary *shrug*.

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