A Quick Visit with Family

That last post was so horrible that I’m going to give you some pictures of my trip down south. I flew into Springfield, MO on Saturday to pick up a new-to-me dining room set, visit family and collect baby hugs. Reverse the order, there, please, for importance.

Mark and Bruce in truck

But it started with a big truck, and Bruce and Mark loading things into that truck. Supposedly this is the smallest truck I could get, via the website anyway, but I did see some smaller ones out there on the road. We had lots of room, at least, and no tetris unless you count getting the chairs set up so they didn’t slide around all over the place.

There are more pictures over in the gallery on the side…

Ginny and baby got there and we headed over to the new house, following Bruce, to drop her off and then go back with ratchet straps. And pick up dinner once it got dark, and back to eat. There are a couple of adorable movies…let’s see if they will load in here OK….nope! Too big. I gotta go put them on vimeo. So here is one of them. I’ll have to see if there is a widget for big videos, but NOT NOW. I have homework.

20130219-002Ginny, Hazellyn and I stayed at a hotel close by, and seriously it was a quiet night. No crying baby or anything. The next morning was really nice. Alan came in to see us, and after a bit a friend of Mom’s, a lovely woman named Jacque, came over as well. Alan is doing well, adjusting to single life by building a house on a hilltop that is close to town, doing carpentry work and enjoying himself. We exchanged stories about our lives, and when Jacque joined us, had a good talk about how things turn out for the best and how we are right where we are supposed to be and used bits of other stories to prove this right and true.

Ginny, baby and I went back over to Mom’s for another visit, and lots of hugs and all too soon I had to leave. It was about 12:30 when I left, and I’m weak; I got off the road at 7:30 because the lights from the cars coming  up behind me were annoying….and cause I wanted to watch Downton Abbey with my chatgroup. I knew I’d not make it all the way home so why not choose when I got off?

I’ll post an update when I get the videos linked. This short story does not nearly do justice to how wonderful this visit was for me. And there is more to come! Cause I got home! And now I have a real dining room! LOL@me…more later. But really I have to get to the homework…


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