Sorry, Too Busy To Post

Life has gotten busy with the college class, sewing for Gulf Wars, daily reviews and mental discipline of GTD, working out, oh, and being an ass and eating gluten this weekend. OMG. Never again…well, maybe. But seriously, my brain does soooo much better when I avoid grains of all sorts, including Chocolate Chex.  Pity cause that’s some serious nummy right there.

I have a half-written post about Little Inferno and the state of the world, plus a half-finished dress that needs someone to come try on. I’m very excited to be learning to use Camtasia for class – yes, seriously, I am cause it’s like making movies without explosions. That’s a goal of mine. Explosions. Anyone who takes a dog sled into the Arctic to teach school could probably deal with some explosions.

My bedtime is a while ago. This is a silly post. Laters!

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