Adventure Learning on Sunday

Finishing the Camtasia studio download on one device while doing some investigative research on another…I have two ideas for my Adventure Learning project for class. One of them is bringing social media to people who haven’t really had a lot of experience with it and aimed at adult learners in a local setting and may lead to things introduced by LifeHacker. That would be a lot of fun and useful. There are a lot of YouTube videos that help with this but I think the cooperative environment that AL provides, and the enthusiasm of the primary teacher (me), plus the supplementary exercises and materials may keep this from being a rinse-and-repeat of other people’s work.

The other is doing a Sheep to Shawl curriculum. This 2008 youtube by StickCowFilms is one of several in this family’s Sheep to Shawl demonstration of what it is all about; I’m seeing a project with soap and wool that would be suitable for the Girl Scout demo as well.  I will have to share this with the planning committee. Anyway, this one has my heart cause well, it does. I love wool and what all can be done with it.

And here is a totally happy video of teens shearing sheep! I think they look like they are having fun. Come on. Smile.

I’ve caught up on reading, although I want to go back and reread one of the articles to mine for notes. The handouts outlining the project that Dr. Doering provided contain most of what I want, but pen to paper helps me remember concepts and theories. But that is for another day.

I need to go work out and then soak in the hot tub; circulation issues are helped with copious quantities of hot water. Sewing to do today, and bunnies. And two hours of Downton Abbey! OMG I’m excited about that!

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