Fantastic Day Recap

I’m just happy. The day went really well.

So I woke up before the alarm, found coffee and returned the living room to its Bunny Central setting. Then I scraped about an inch of snow off the sidewalk and driveway…there was icky ice under that snow. Yuck.

At nine, I was already cutting out more bunnies. Rachel showed up, we started sewing, Kerry and Jeremy joined us, and then Ender Göçmen from the Post Bulletin arrived. We had a really nice interview about Random Acts, about AMOK, and about community building and having fun. I think I enjoyed listening to other people being interviewed the best; I really feel good about how happy this project is making people. And it helped me form a statement of why we are doing this: We are a group of friends who want to make the world a better place, we want stronger communities, we want to encourage more people to come together to do fun things together to make our world a safer, happier place. So at least 100 bunnies are being released for adoption on March 10th to help further that goal. Kerry_bunnies

That’s not so bad, is it? And if at the same time, we can help Random Acts meet its mission in the world, win-win, right? Some excellent comments from people about our own interactions with Random Acts – some of us took part in Endure 4 Kindness, a fundraiser event. All of us were on one of two GISHWHES teams. Some of us have been following Random Act actions around the world and we ended up pulling up the website and pointing things out to Ender so he didn’t miss them.

I laughed a lot today. I stabbed myself with needles, embroidered noses until my fingers hurt, ate poorly but happily, sewed bunnies, told and listened to stories, had excellent conversations…this is no way to really tell a story, I know. You can believe me, it was fun. And while we are doing stuff,we started discussing our next adventure together! Heh!

As the day grew late, some of us went into FanGirl mode. Sorry, Kerry’s bunnies are adorable. She has Sherlolli and Jawn, and three Castiel bunnies. And the cutest sock monkey hat for a bunny to wear.

I’m working on my own sock monkey hat! I got it at Hank and Purls’ last Saturday when I went in to talk about fiber festivals and found a kindred spirit in the owner. I should be working on that instead of typing this up…heck, I should be doing more homework! But it’s bedtime soon.

Oh! We forgot to eat the kale!  And after Van was so nice about getting it for me…

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