I make commitments to vegetables…

and I don’t mean the generalized “I will eat more and like it!’ frenzied sort of commitment. I mean the ‘bag of kale, I will finish you’ sort that I blame on GISHWHES and Miss Jean Louise. I buy a cucumber with the intent of chopping it into bits and eating it in greek salads, or buy baby spinach promising to not only eat it in salads, but eggs. And kale, don’t even get me started on kale! And for about a month now, I’m fulfilling my commitment to the veggies. Van is pleased that I’ve joined him in the salad-and-veggie munching life-style.

I used to walk around saying things like this all the time. ‘Fighter Dude, I will finish you’ was my mantra for a very short years and years span of my life. I’d like to say those words again and I am ready to make that commitment to do the work to get back on the field. I need friends, including Fighter Dude and Kale Brother, to know and encourage and poke me in a fighterly-sorta way.

Menopause is almost as hard as peri – my joints are stiff and it takes forever to get my body moving hard enough to break into a sweat cause it just don’t wanna. Right now I can’t run sprints. At times, it’s hard to stay walking. I’m a computer-riding desk jockey who also flies a sewing machine and I need to change that. With school coming up

photo (2)

(like  now) I will need to spend even more time on a computer. But it doesn’t matter that it’s going to take even longer – if I never start, it’s gonna take forever, right? Each day is one less day off the road to never-ever and one day closer to what I intend.

I’ve been down this road before; I think I said something like this yesterday, even. Working my way up to this post, actually. The biggest time-drain is FaceBook but so much planning goes on there I can’t turn my back on it, just have to manage it. Facebook is a very useful place, full of people and communities I enjoy, and I can’t imagine life without it any longer. Like my Downton Abbey viewing group; awesome times with them. They stay. General FB scrolling is …minimized.

Well, I have several identified things to do yet tonight. A walk up a mountain is one of them. Laters!

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