I am happy. Let me put that on a list so I don’t forget.

Part of me is just beating the other part of me up for being a slacker and then the other part of me retaliates and reminds the whole of me how mind boggling my life is at the moment. So much going on that is positive and good.

Grandbaby. School. Car paid off. Dining room furniture. Huge fun adventure to fetch the furniture and see Mom’s new home. Bunnies – AMOK ones. Some high level goals that are very pleasing.


One aspect is that I have put effort into organizing my activities and tasks and projects and while I’ve not gotten a complete environmental scan finished, what I have got organized are things that were screaming at me and now that they are in a trusted informational saving place and I am going there at least once a day to review, I am getting more done. Yes, I’m constantly making small notes about things i think about at 70 MPH down the highway or in a meeting at work, but once I get the note written down I can again concentrate on what is at hand knowing I’ll get back to it. So far, I am as the rewards are noticeable.

I’ve been here before, many times. Same as the exercise, I do this well for a week, then have guilt and excuses for two weeks, then ignore that guilt until I get it buried.  Brick by brick.

Wanna watch/see if I do it again? Maybe I won’t. Maybe this time I’ll keep doing it long enough to make a habit out of it. “This time for sure!” says Bullwinkle, and me too.

I’m also using this technique, although modified. Two Lists You Should Look At Every Morning challenges us to do two things – figure out and remind yourself what is important to you, and figure out and remind yourself what is just getting in the way. Write it down, and read the lists every morning. Tweak the lists. Write notes in the margin about how much time I am wasting on FB and pintrest and the like. Celebrate the positive. Heck, just acknowledge…I have to say that seeing the things on my project list, as long as it’s getting, is still a positive thing. I feel much more in control.

Also while typing that one paragraph, I made two notes of things that passed through my head on the way to oblivion. Captured! Sure, on a bit of paper but I’ll get them moved over.

Then I spent 2o minutes on imgur.com looking for a post I saw last night, garbled the link, and want to share w you. Yeah, that’s me letting something get in the way. This is me reminding myself that imgur.com is a really great community and there are things to enjoy there, when I’ve got downtime, but not now.

Penelope Post wrote about this in a productivity post, saying  ””spend more time on the not to-do list” and “essentials first, email second.” These are both related in my mind, because I play my inbox like it’s a video game. If I have less than ten emails in it at all times then I’m a winner. All day I shoot down emails like I’m trying to level up.” It’s a good post but what I took out of it most was the Inbox Asteroid comment which I confess I also play; maybe you should go read it yourself and see what you take away and remember. Me, I’m trying to reach zero inbox nirvana and just about to get there at work. Home – HA! And now with college started, I’ll be getting even more email.

As long as I move anything I need out of inbox into someplace I will act on it, fine.

“Change is not a bolt of lightning that arrives with a zap. It is a bridge built brick by brick, every day, with sweat and humility and slips. It is hard work, and slow work, but it can be thrilling to watch it take shape.” ~ Sarah Hepola


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