Online Adventure Learning – Formalized

Kinda silly to be all happy about completing the work for the first week of classes, especially as it is the first week and not all the class material is made available to me yet but hey, it’s my adventure. I’m happy.

And I realized that I am already involved in a lot of online learning now, as an adult, with less outwardly determined objectives. Mostly my objectives are internally driven – for example, to learn all I can about Ireland, 10th C, and surrounding lands. And goals are mostly to not be stupid online and say something naive about whatever. This includes, for another example,  all the weaving learning that goes on here online among people – someone posts something about a project and we sometimes say “ooh cool” and other times the energy just takes us to sharing and discussing and posting links to other projects or things in a museum or other subject matter experts outside of our discussion group. And sometimes there is nothing at all that happens. That’s the informal spontaneous adventure learning I am involved in.

This class will teach me how to do this deliberately, particularly for a classroom (according to the class description) and applying it to the rest of the world is OK, too. Pretty cool stuff.

Other than this work, that only took up the last 45 minutes and that’s cause I’m either sooooo long-winded I couldn’t record a terse 90 second answer to a question if my life depended on it, or because I looked extra-ordinarily goofy at some point in recording. Other than this work, I did not produce much for this evening’s time passing. Supper and dishes with Van. Paperwork for another project then updated Toodledo and did FB while watching an hour of television. Oh, and I fell into a game for probably a lot longer than I want to believe.

And so to bed. Night!



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