Sew All the Bunnies!


Note: this is a duplicate post as I’ve eaten too much kale or something…

People came over and worked on bunnies for our AMOK project today. Rachel, Danielle, Megan, Joey, Kerry, Kelsey, Jeremy and Melanie are part of the first wave of stitchers for Giving Bunnies go AMOK , where we are going to share out about 100 small stuffed rabbits. We can’t wait.

It is going to take a lot longer than we thought it would. I’d originally said that people could stay and work from 9 am until 1 pm and then I wanted my house back cause I still haven’t taken Christmas down and I feel like a slacker. But things were so much fun and it was taking so much longer that I let people stay until after 3:30-4. We only got 28 of them to the naked bunny stage and a very few of them, like the Castiel-Bunny trial you see here, were partially dressed.

Castiel-Bunny should not have his tie kept on with a straight pin. There will be firm stitches asap.

There are another 43 bunny bodies to be nosed, eyed, sewn and stuffed.  And at least another 30 that need to be cut out. But I think people did a ton of work today and I am very grateful. It was awesome.

We also had kale chips, carrot juice and other goodies to munch on. There was a LOT of fan-talking going on; not only Supernatural but also we discussed Doctor Who, 80’s movies, Firefly, Torchwood, Bones and more. Japanese anime.

I’m eating the second batch of kale chips right now, btw. Very yummy and they won’t be any good tomorrow, I bet.

I can’t get the other pics to load here; this app says they are too big, so I’ll get them into a gallery here in a bit.

People took some home to work on the beautification and clothing between our major push-meetings. We will get back together before the February date that was initially spoken of because it is taking extra time; not all of the bunnies will be clothed, no, but some of them will be and that’s cool. Some names are “Bugsy Mallon” and “Angus McFluffy” along side our Alpha-Bunny and Sherloli, and some of these names cry out for costuming, right?

Anyway, go check out the pictures . What do you think? Cute, huh?


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