Productive Day!

I am sooo sorry, I know I owe you some really good posts about two really good things that have happened in 2013. Nordskogen Twelfth Night and Ginny’s Very Fun Visit were awesome and I will not remain silent. Stories will be told.

But NOT tonight! I have had a productive evening. The dishes are done, bills paid and I got some plants repotted. I’d been given a lovely violet that needed a permanent home and Van wants to try to keep the poinsettia alive. And I did a nice session of reorg on the sewing room. There’s a lot to do, fiddly stuff of moving books around, sorting fabric and putting baskets where they belong. I moved the TV in here and hooked the roku up. Wifi is much better in here than it was in the very back room. I’m closer to the wine as well, lol.

I also need to find the missing screws for the mirror.

Oops. Where did they go? I forget.


It’s safely leaning against a wall but I really need to get that back up on the dresser.

Winding up the evening with a Sam and Dean show episode, the Western one. Some playing of a silly mystery game and bed early. Night!

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