Tired baby is tired

Why is it that when a baby is cooing we all get mushy? And I keep trying to see what has caught her eyes and got her staring, unblinking, right past my face. Hazellyn has also started standing up, tight-kneed, practicing her balance. Ginny says she never lost her neck strength, never had that floppy head, so here at ten weeks she’s tracking we’ll visually and following people with her gaze as they move around the room.

I got to hold her a lot.

Rachel and Dani came over for the evening. I wasn’t here for part of it, I had a city committee meeting. But let’s face it, Rachel was really coming over here to worship that infant. There was much cooing; Hazellyn thinks Rachel is cool.

Ginny has been catching up on not having a lot of sleep last night and Hazellyn was yawning; they have already gone to bed. I am almost there but wanted to post something quick. Night!

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