Simple things

This iPad is very good for many things but creating a detailed blog with lots of links is impossible for me; too many draft saves, too many programs to have to open. I use WordPress easy, you might say.

But it’s great for reading while on the treadmill! I catch up on facebook at 4-4.5 setting, and then go over to a book to finish the workout. Not today, the congestion is still with me and I barely made 20 minutes.

It’s time to get ready for work anyway. But I do some great thinking in those early morning jogs and refine stuff in the shower and by the time I am sitting here w breakfast, it’s gone.

Simple. I changed the routine today. Just pushed the eggy/avocado-y plate back, there are post-it notes around me with notes for the day. I just kinda realized I have people coming in two days and need to have food here and some basic hospitality prepared. Like beds.


I have also realized that I don’t have my goals ‘ready for prime-time’ in that they are not ready to go up here. I am still working towards certain things, sure. Plus some of them are kinda silly things to have, although I know it’s the mindset behind the action. But writing down ‘have the house ready for unexpected guests’ is a bit simplistic and naively hopeful, if you just look at the surface of it. The deeper reasonings of that goal take too long to type, and I need the supporting links where someone else has researched the emotional and mental benefits of being ready to welcome guests into the home and into my life.

Well, anywho, that’s where I am. Barely time left to wash my dishes and get ready for work so laters!

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