Reflecting back on 2012

cropped-Linseed_flax_Linum_usitatissimum_near_Whitsbury_-_geograph.org_.uk_-_1377610.jpgI started last year without making any resolutions and I think that was a mistake. I have goals but never really articulated them, never really lined them up. The people that I have continued following out here on the interwebs – they say you gotta set goals so you know where you are going, what the next step is, and when you get there.

So…first step is to reflect back on what I got done in 2012.



  • Van and I are closer than ever and I’m pleased. That is one thing I decided was vitally important and I put reflection and thought into our relationship on purpose and glad I did so.
  • I really really enjoy dyeing. I got pretty good at remembering to measure amounts and temperatures and to follow directions. Hours and hours of research done and applied. Ongoing.
  • The garden spot out there is coming along fine. We continue with the garden.
  • The garden shed is built! It’s lovely. Blacksmithing will start up in the Spring and so I’ll see more of Isaiah.
  • Health continues to annoy me, and an annoyance is about what it is. The Gluten Free diet is not enough and I’m at the step of figuring out additional irritants to my gut, and to find calmness. And to be less susceptible to the kinds of colds that suck down into my lungs and sap the enthusiasm out of me.
  • I’d also like to be less susceptible to depression and other aspects of the PTSD and i’m not sure how to measure this sort of progress or how to know when I’ve reached a goal in this area, but I’m working at it.
  • I have not gained any weight this year. Lost the same ten pounds over and over as I can’t seem to get my set-point to reset, and I have a lot of excuses so I will stop yapping right here. Priority next year.
  • I honestly do not know if my writing has improved; I can’t tell. I don’t know how to tell, even. This is a big priority of 2012 but I did not take any steps to achieve this other than continuing to pound out words in social media sites and this blog.

That’s a pretty short list but that’s what i was worrying about that I will share here in a public venue, back on the last days of 2011.

2013 is my year of change. I’ll be back tomorrow to talk about CHANGE and how I’m dragging you along through the process. For the rest of 2012, I’m prepping for a party and then throwing the party and enjoying myself.

You have fun too, whatever comes your way!


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