Creating MY Guidelines for Life

In MY previous post, I said I am coming back tomorrow to talk about 2013 goals. So in between chasing dust bunnies and spreading tablecloths and the like, I’m making notes. Cause it’s not like I had this whole weekend, or last month, or even my whole past life to prepare for my future life. heh. I have a vague idea and as this article explains, even guidelines change their applicability from one day to the next:

In the previous post, “Setting a New Year’s Vision“, I talked about how my life coach taught me to set an overarching life vision, and then work with each aspect of my life (career, relationships, health, free time, etc) to enhance that life vision quality in each area. My overarching life vision is to live a life full of peace and contentment. So here, I have discovered that I can’t set down a list of rules – of do’s and don’t’s – to govern how I am going to achieve that peace and contentment. via Creating Guidelines for Life | Mentoring and Recovery.

Grabbing this article so I come back to it tomorrow.

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