Today  is cleaning-out-the-fridge day; I’m just not sure about the ham. As in “Shall I add it to the soup?” not as in “Is this still good?”

It’s a soup that has grass-fed beef and onions that are new and lots of other things that are gently used foods from this last week. I also added green beans from an open bag in the freezer, and about three cups of tomato juice from who knows when but it still tastes OK.

I’ve got to make progress on a couple of dresses today and plot out the measurements I need to get for the Rus coats. The back room must be reorganized today, too; with the party on Monday and the possibility of a new dining room set this next month, I feel unsettled about stuff that needs to be done. Mostly that tiny room that’s going to be my sewing room is too full of various UFOs and needs to be stripped of things I don’t need to see all the time so I don’t get visually overwhelmed when I walk in there.

At some point I need to restock the fridge of veggies, though. Can’t use them all up without replacing them with new stuff!



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