I approve of Jack Reacher

reacher21f-3-webVan and I went to see this film tonight – the action was crack-on from what I can remember of this series. Tom Cruise is not the massive wall of a man that Lee Child created but the lady-of-the-book was as forgettable as she needs to be. Can’t have a drifter character really developing relationships. Rosamund Pike did a fine job and I enjoyed watching as she put the clues together but it’s a not supposed to be a character we want to see again.

My favorite part was when one of the audience forgot he wasn’t at home and said “No, no don’t shoot” at one of those tense moments of silence in between firefights. I also liked that people clapped at various points. And then there was a marketing effort gone wild – Cinemagic has a special going on, $1 for any size coke or popcorn, and the theaters were packed. Very rare to see all stations at the snackbar lined up six and seven deep. Almost every seat taken, too. I would love to know if this sort of effort makes money for them and if so, if  maybe they should be dropping the price of popcorn all the time.

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