Baby Worshiping Party is Delayed

Our Holiday plans are changing a bit. I’m very disappointed that Ginny and her family are not going to be travelling up on the 27th but then we don’t have to worry about them on the road either, which with two children under 5 and a drive from the middle of Missouri could be rough. And she and Hazellyn will be coming up by train for a whole week later in January! That’s pretty awesome! I’m excited about that.

So if I’d invited you over to meet the baby – Come Later. We’ll be letting you know the dates when we know the dates, K?

We had an excellent party today at Liz and Jason’s place. Yummy food, good company, lots of conversation. I’d slept in (bad booze the night before. I found a Bailey’s knock-off that immediately gave me a headache and I couldn’t quite believe it so I had a second one…) Anyway, sleeping in made it a bit of a rush this morning and NO WORKOUT happened. Not sure it’s going to happen this evening, either; I think I’m going to be sewing and drinking more wine. And maybe some old movies.

Been a good day so far, even with this kinda-OKfine-‘do what is best’ news. At least I know they are thinking ahead! Being smart!

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