Despite this morning’s rational discussion about firearms, I want to dance

 So I got buried in reading rather than doing my workout, and now I’ve eaten. Kim Harrison’s Dead Witch Walking and following series has caught me up, plus I spent about 30 minutes reading facebook posts and responding this morning. Hard to respond on the treadmill.

Lame excuses.

This song is going through my head nonstop; woke up with it and every time I focus on the music, I visualize myself as busy and productive and happy about physical labor. And I also have this lovely long list of things to do to get ready for the holiday celebration.

Christmas is not on Tuesday for me, it’s when my kids and their families can come into my home. It’s about getting together with friends. It’s about spending time with Van doing stuff we want to do together.

We tried to find a Chinese-food restaurant that was going to be open in Rochester on Christmas day so we could take part in that particular meme. So far no good so maybe we will just cook it up here. We have the know-how for basics even though I’m going to buy eggrolls ahead from my favorite  place.

AND NOW I’VE SPENT 40 MINUTES ON THE NATIONAL SAFETY IN REGARDS TO FIREARMS DISCUSSION! I’m a moron or I’m part of the solution, I can’t decide which, except I think I’m going to feel more like a moron if I don’t do something than if I do.

I’m going to go spread hugs and love when I can. That I can do.

Fah. lalalalala.


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