Quick! An update!

Slippery silk is slippery…bet you know that already, huh? The blue and gold dress is almost done except for the pesky seam finishing which I don’t dare skip. It’s a lovely color, this blue. I hope I can get some handkerchief linen ordered and a nice-enough-for-this-dress underdress also made by 12th Night.

Kicked off another night of the ever-running reindexing. Still doing call number reindexes, too. This is the fourth night of this, then I move onto other indexes.

This is day 12 of eating as Paleo as I can stand. I found a phrase I like this evening: grain-free. It’s an eating pattern that eliminates wheat, rice, barley, meal, oats and food made from them. Here is a partial list. I found out that I cannot stop eating Trader Joe’s Triple Ginger Cookies and that about six of them is enough to make me sick. Today was not a happy day, it was rather grim-faced.

I have a headache tonight so going to bed early. Night!

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