Working to do better.

Van bought a roast from Gorman’s Meat Market in Pine Island – I browned it in rice flour (his request) and then threw the mushrooms and onions into the pan to saute before they went into the crockpot with the meat. It’s a pretty big roast. The best cuts are always the biggest and it will make for yummy lunches this week. And this is locally-sourced meat as part of our efforts to eat better food.


I’m down a couple of pounds and I can jog longer today than I could a week ago. Workout is done – ha! the cover is off the hot tub while I am running chemicals through it to prep the water. Got the PH where it needs to be, lol. But working out in a sauna is more than warm… The reindexing is powered up again this morning for SELCO, some housework done, I’ve finished the last of the Christmas wrappings, I’ve read far too long on the internet and a book I’m reading.

I’m trying to stay off FaceBook. What I’ve been mostly doing online is trying to find a group, non-church-associated as I’m not going to be hypocritical, to join to help change the world. To be part of Margaret Mead’s thoughtful, committed citizens. And in order to do that, I also need to be very clear in what I envision and hold true. I’m also not interested in being swayed by hive-mind into supporting change that I oppose.

This candle is burning throughout the day in my window in memory of those who have died by violence.



That’s mostly what is going on. A balance between my day’s tasks and what I think is important to pursue.

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